About Us

Recreating the rich sense of nature with the reliable Japanese technology.

relax-watch osaka

Our Story

We are a Japanese watch brand that creates unique fashion watches.
With the idea of creating fun watch to add humor to the everyday life,
we have been releasing original watches with highly fashionable design.
Our new ambition is to create a timepiece that reflects the most of
the Japanese sense of beauty and her reputable watch crafting skills.


Design and quality supported by the Japanese craftsmanship with high level technology.
All parts including even the smallest piece constructing the elaborate design are developed in Japan. Only those with the highest quality are used.
Of course, each piece is hand crafted with care by skilled artisans.


The design that RELAX relays on is created by selected materials and experienced craftsmanship.
We have realized a timepiece using only “Made in Japan” parts, while achieving the best cost performance.